Éilís McIntyre

The 'RE-DISCOVERY' Programme!
Are you feeling stuck in routines that are not fulfilling? 
Do you want to (re)discover your true potential?
Would you like to live life in a way that will be truly meaningful for you?
    Individual Life Coaching for You!  

Time for You

Whether you are in a place where you are ready to take action towards a goal you may have or you would like some support to manage something that feels difficult for you, life coaching and counselling offer a safe space where you can think about yourself and take time to talk. 


Coaching offers an opportunity to engage in a focused approach with a qualified Life Coach who will commit to support you in moving forward to achieve your goals. 

Counselling could give you the opportunity to talk with a trained professional who

will listen, without judgement, to help you better understand and address those issues affecting your wellbeing.  



Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to effect meaningful change in your life and to take positive action towards achieving the outcomes that you want for yourself.

Your life coaching sessions will provide a confidential and supportive space where you can explore how you can overcome the blocks that are preventing you from getting to where you want to be.

I will support you in clarifying and defining what it is that you really want with a motivational approach to help inspire you to take action to make it happen!




Are you feeling underwhelmed with your life or career choices, and thinking...


  • that you have something else that you would rather be doing, but it's too late to change now?

  • that your best years are behind you?

  • that you don't recognize the person you see in the mirror anymore?

  • that the job you are doing just isn't giving you any enjoyment/ fulfilment/challenge?

  • that you never got the job/promotion that you really wanted in the first place!?

  • that you have forgotten those interests that you used to be passionate about?

  • that you will never get to do the things/see the places/meet the people that you wish you could?

  • that you have no idea what to do with yourself now that your children have flown the nest?

These are thoughts, but thoughts are not facts!

Life coaching can help you find out what is really possible!


As a Transformational Life Coach, I help people to

 (re)discover their true potential


live their BEST life! 

How can I help?

  • By bringing clarity in relation to what is not working for you, so that you get to understand what it is you really want.

This is important, because if you are living in a way that does not match your values then it will not add REAL value to your life, no matter how much success or money that life brings.

Knowing the '
WHY' of what you want to do in your life will support you in creating the life that will be most meaningful and fulfilling for you.

  • By supporting you to work out 'HOW' to realise your vision/ the outcomes you want.

We all have self-limiting beliefs that do not serve us well in life, and they can really get in the way of us reaching our full potential.

Coaching can help identify and challenge those self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, so that you may start making choices with increased confidence.


  • If you already know 'WHAT' you want to achieve, coaching can help you stay focused, by providing a motivational space and process to encourage you to take the action needed to make it happen.

If you are not entirely clear as to what you want to do/change, then the above coaching process can help you clarify what it is that you really want.


If you feel ready for change, book a 'Discovery' call!

Professionally Qualified...

IMG_0512[1] (2).JPG


  • Diploma in Life Coaching, Mindstream Success Coaching & Training, Dublin.  

                                                                    (Accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring)       

  • Certificate in Life Coaching, Mindstream, Dublin. (Accredited by the IAPCM) 

  • Diploma in the Art & Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Awaken School.


  • BACP Accredited Advanced Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling, Q.U.B.  

  • Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling, Q.U.B.

  • Certificate in Counselling, Q.U.B.

  • General Certificate in Online Therapy, Academy for Online Counselling & Psychotherapy.


BACP Coaching Member


Bupa Provider:


Certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance


Access NI Certificate 



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It could be that you are feeling low, anxious, or just not your usual self, without really understanding why.

Talking with a counsellor could help you better understand why you are feeling this way and give you the opportunity to make changes to improve things.

If you would like to find out more about counselling and/or to explore if it is the best support service for you, please email me.

Idea 2



Would it help to be supported as you work through difficult issues in your life? 


Counselling could be the first positive step you take towards dealing with:

anger management, anxiety, bereavement & loss, depression, domestic abuse, family issues, financial difficulties, finding meaning in life, health-related issues, redundancy, relationships, self-esteem, self-harm, sexual orientation, stress, trauma, work-related issues. 

My Counselling Service...

I was a Bereavement Support Volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care from 2004 -2009 during which time I completed my counselling training at Queen's University Belfast.   Since attaining my Advanced Diploma in Person-centred Counselling in 2007, I have provided counselling in post-primary schools, within the community in North and West Belfast as well as working in affiliation with a number of local and international Employee Assistance Programme  (EAP) providers.  I trained and worked in Dublin from 2014 - 2015, and I am now based in Belfast, from where I offer counselling sessions to individual adults via online video/audio or by telephone.


Counselling Fees

Online video (or audio only) counselling session fee: £45  

Telephone counselling session fee: £40


   A reduced counselling session fee of £35 is available for full-time UG degree students

and trainee counsellors .


Arrange a Session...

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NBIf contacting me by email, please send your message from an email address that you are happy for me to reply to. 


                                                                                          Thank you.


t: 074 9696 4979